Crony Capitalism on Modi’s Watch Means Invisible Hands Ensure You Never Go Bankrupt

If crony capitalism under the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance was characterised by scams like captive coal block allocation where undeserving companies landed coal blocks, it reveals itself under the BJP through the party’s careful extrication of some business groups from the bankruptcy process while letting others get possessed and sold by banks.

As a reporter, I want to work with each of the great editors of my time. There have been some in the past. I worked under Indrajit Gupta at BusinessWorld — and learnt nothing less than logical thinking from him. In Economic Times, I had Rahul Joshi and M Anand. Both as supportive and encouraging as editors can be — I have extra gratitude towards Rahul because he gave me my first break as a development reporter. And now, I have begun writing for The Wire’s Siddharth Varadarajan.

PS: As for this report, it draws together much of what I reported during my last year at Scroll. Take a look?

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