RIP. David Halberstam

learnt this morning that david halberstam, pulitzer-winning journalist, author of books like ‘the best and the brightest’, ‘war in a time of peace’, ‘the reckoning’, ‘the powers that be’, and ‘the fifties’, a man whose reporting on the war in vietnam vexed john f kennedy so much that he tried to get halberstam’s publisher, arthur […]

Aberration or Synecdoche: Reflections on suicides amongst microfinance borrowers in Andhra Pradesh. Circa 2006.

right. continuing with my highly successful strategy of driving readers away by never posting anything less than 5,000 words long, here is the term paper i just submitted on the microfinance suicides that india saw in march last year. as ever, comments welcome. “One Rennu Chandramma of Chenchu colony on the Chandraiah drain bund in […]