as in iron ore, so in sand


the farther reaches of greater noida, like several other parts of india, are changing from agricultural areas to residential ones.


go there and you see fields being pushed back as the city grows. i have to work on a story about how village life changes as land rates rise, etc. there will be a myriad outcomes. for now, here is one fallout…


… sand mining. uncontrolled sand mining — by the rise of a mafia — has resulted in the local river, the hindon, bursting its banks.

Last Sunday, the Uttar Pradesh government suspended Durga Shakti Nagpal, the sub-divisional magistrate of Gautam Buddh Nagar who had been cracking down on the sand mafia. Three days later, Pale Ram Chauhan, a Noida-based activist who had taken on the local sand mining mafia, was killed. Sand mining is back under the scanner. As are questions on how to balance the construction sector’s need for sand with ecological and social concerns. For, right now, what is underway in construction boom-spots such as Greater Noida and elsewhere is analogous with nothing less than Karnataka’s iron ore scam.

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