On Coal and Power

more on king coal. today’s economic times carries the first instalment of our final set of stories on Coal. the stories till now have been mainly diagnostic, focusing on the extent of mismanagement in the coal sector. the stories, starting today, take a look at the outcomes of how india manages coal on land, power and forests.

the first of these stories — on power — came out today. for a while now, we have been hearing about how power plants in the country are starved for coal. well, as the previous post said, ET travelled through Chhattisgarh last month. At the end of that trip, i was more or less convinced that much of the blame for this shortage can be laid at the lotus feet of the captive block policy, not Coal India as everyone tends to. The story out today and the one coming tomorrow (on Coal India) will argue this point out.

with that prologue, here is the story that appeared today. do take a look.

it has been educative. this string of stories on coal. lots of epiphanies on the kind of work i should do once coal ends. a blogpost on all that is mandated once the series ends, i think.

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