on what it will take to clean the ganga

Till now, India has followed a relatively simple approach to clean up the Ganga—or, for that matter, any of its rivers. It has acted on the assumption that preventing pollution is sufficient to restore the river. Accordingly, India has been setting up effluent and sewage treatment plants, which clean up waste water before releasing it, along rivers like the Ganga. The outcomes of the Rs 20,000 crore spent shows this approach has not worked.

this is a very quick and dirty story. it was done in less than a day. but even the secondary research shows the shambles environmental governance in india is in. for one, there is hardly correlation between the size of the problem and the env gov architecture’s response.  it is almost as though the two are existing independently of each other. for that and more, see the story.

ps – till now, i have linked to the online version of my stories in the et website. this is the first time i am linking instead to the pdf. if you want a link to the onlive ver of the story, click here.


2 thoughts on “on what it will take to clean the ganga

  1. Fascinating theme: I wrote a big story on that a couple of years ago. You don’t mention the one billion dollars World Bank plan to save the Ganga?

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  2. i read about it. and about the bank’s harsh assessments of how GAP is working. but, given limited space, decided to focus on why the clean up is not working. (even that, of course, could do with a larger story/stories).

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