too much coal in too few hands

So far, debates over Coalgate have been an exercise in selective attention. In the early days, most discussion pivoted around the UPA’s decision to allot blocks through the screening committee, and not auctions. The spotlight then settled on politicians whose family members got coal blocks, before moving to the UPA’s inspired attempts to vet what the CBI tells the Supreme Court. It is now refocusing on Naveen Jindal and Dasari Narayana Rao. The focus was, and is, mainly on morality.

In the process, the discourse has neglected two important questions. One, it has not understood the real fallouts of Coalgate. Two, the related question on how to fix this mess has received hardly any attention.

from my comment piece on the real contours of coalgate and how to fix things in yesterday’s ET’s edit page. this is based on all the reporting my colleagues and i did on coalgate between june 2012 and now. if you want further data on any of the points i make in this column, head here.

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