Making The Indian Government More Accountable

december has been a slow month. i kept falling ill. anyway, here is a small (and guardedly optimistic) story on how to make the indian state more accountable.

…a clutch of new laws, like the Right To Information Act (RTI) and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), are moving the government’s developmental promises beyond “the realm of a privilege that benevolent regimes might provide to their citizens to a right that could be ‘legally enforced’, claimed and asserted,” to quote feminist scholar Srilatha Batliwala…

…The question is: Have these Bills begun to change the relationship between the state and the people? Are we, as MKSS activist Nikhil Dey puts it, moving from being subjects to citizens?

Yes, but at a slow pace.

the complete story, here.

ps – falling ill is not as bad a deal as it sounds. i finished reading some good books. including, drumroll, raag darbari. which i had picked up during the rural research days of 2008 but not read uptil now. anyway, have a super 2011, y’all. :-)

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